Ant Pest Control Adelaide

Ants can be annoying as they can be unending. Even when you thinking they are gone they come back. It is important to keep your family & pets away from ants. They commonly walk through unhealthy places before they enter your home.

Ants really only become a problem in Adelaide in the summer months. This is because they stay underground where it is warm during winter. 

Due to ants being so small they can get almost anywhere. Which means your food cupboards need to be as clean as possible. If even one gets in there they will bring thousands of others. 

Which can then cause a problem & potential health risks as mentioned above.

Ant Pest Control Adelaide

Signs of an ant infestation?


  • The main sign is actually seeing them. They will generally find their way to food areas. Including dog & cat food.
  • Once they find food you will see a long line of ants marching back and forward with the food. This can generally help identify the point they are getting in at. If it is through walls however its hard to tell where they go next. 
  • Ant nests can sometimes be hard to find as they appear inside walls, in the ground or other places that are dark.

How to deal with these ant infestations


In most cases dealing with these ants is as simple as ant killer powder for outside use. Inside you can use a gel which can seel the area of entry & bug spray. 

If the infestation is really bad then give us a call. Sometimes you may think you have gotten rid of them but they just come back the next day. 


Tips to minimize ants entering the home!

  1. Cover food with glad wrap so if ants do come they don't walk all over it as a disease can be spread
  2. clean up any spills or food waste from floors or countertops
  3. kitchen appliances such as fridges, dishwashers, microwaves & ovens have food debris around them so make sure these areas are clean. 
  4. where possible make sure all trash is secure in bags. Bins can be an ideal location for ants to find food. Depending on the distance to your home can give them the incentive to venture inside. 
  5. Pet food if they haven't finished move the bawl or put it away.