Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed Bugs are becoming a problem in Adelaide as they are difficult to treat & spread easily. This then results in rapid growth of their populations across Adelaide resulting in outbreaks.

The most common way they enter your home is through pets usually cats & dogs. As well as on your shoes & socks if you have been working in the garden or have been hiking or walking in tall grass/scrub. 

Below are some important facts you need to know about Bed Bugs. Such as the signs, how to prevent them from entering your home & what the bites look like.

If you have any questions after this please give us a call & we can inspect your home & treat them for you. Fast, efficient, affordable, experienced & trusted.

bed bug pest control in Adelaide

Signs of Bed Bugs


Bed Bugs are usually found in bedrooms & fabric couches & sometimes in the carpet. Generally where people spend large amounts of time.

Bed Bugs commonly shelter themselves in the following locations:

  • The seams in your mattress
  • In the corner of bed frames or in little cracks that might be on the bed frame
  • Behind furniture around the bed, such as bedside tables, bedhead frames
  • Skirting boards & wall to floor cracks.

Signs Bed Bug Infestation

  • Dark stains on the mattress
  • An unpleasant, sweet, sickly scent 
  • small dark spots of excrement
  • If you look in the right spots you will be able to see live insects
  • Blood spots on the mattress from bites


How to prevent Bed Bugs from entering your home?


If your home has been infested with Bed Bugs then the worst thing you can do is take your clothes, suitcases bags etc to a friends house or hotel. This will just spread them to a new location & they will become your problem plus someone else's. 

Bed Bugs can move without your help as well. They can crawl through cracks in the walls & floor cavities. If your home is located in an apartment building please consider this fact & call either us or someone else ASAP as they can bread & spread quickly. 

Tips on how to prevent bed bugs 

  • Wash & dry clothes at the highest possible temperature
  • Vacuum all areas of the home regularly, keeping your as clean as possible
  • Bed Bugs don't like tiles, paving or concrete so keep anything they could cling to in these areas.

What do Bed Bug bites look like?


Bed Bugs "attack/bite" at night in most cases while you are sleeping. The bites are small & are unlikely to wake you.

These bites are near blood vessels that are closest to the skin. Which can vary from person to person, but common areas are hands, arms, lower legs & necks.

Working out how many Bed Bugs you have can be hard. A single Bed Bug may bite several times around the one area. A dead giveaway to multiple Bed Bugs is being bitten in multiple locations such as the legs & neck.

There is a photo below showing the bites, but symptoms of Bed Bugs can vary from person to person.


Common symptoms of Bed Bugs:

  • Itchiness
  •  Swelling
  • Redness
  • Welts if you become sensitive to the bites.