All about Australia’s worst house pest—termites

If you’ve been surfing the web trying to find the best termite treatment Adelaide, you’ve landed on the right page. Termites are one of the most destructive, and difficult pests to get rid of. They’re known to chew right through some of the most integral structural elements of your home, creating major implications. Our team handle the problem by focussing on prevention over cure. We implement a range of different treatments to drastically reduce the risk of infestation. If your home has already been overrun by termites, we’ll offer pro-active solutions to get you back on top! Our team use thermal imaging technology and Termatrec equipment to locate termite movement within your household. This has truly revolutionised the way our team can address your termite problems, so you can rest assured that we don’t miss a single nook or cranny! Call us for the termite treatment Adelaide today.

Best Termite Treatment Adelaide

How do I know if I’ve got termites?

How do you know when it’s time to source the best termite control Adelaide? Well, there’s a few tell-tale signs that indicate you might be in trouble.

  • Sagging floors or beams.
  • Hollow sounding timber.
  • Clicking sounds coming from the walls.
  • The appearance of what might be mistaken of “white ants” or discarded wings.
  • Cracks in paint, plaster or skirting boards etc.
  • Easy breakage of structural elements (due to hollowing).
  • Tight fitting doors or jamming windows.
  • Mud shelter tubes (termites build these for protection).

If you have some suspicions but aren’t completely sure whether your home has been infested, give the team a call. We’ll use our state-of-the-art equipment to put your concerns to rest! If you’re in the process of building, we strongly advise taking preventative measures. The different types we provide are concrete curing, waterproofing, and implementing physical barriers to avoid the need for the best termite control Adelaide!

How do you treat termites?

Survey results show that 1 in 4 Australian homes are affected by termites at some stage. The damages can end up costing families anywhere between $7,000 and $8,000 dollars! It’s highly recommended that you get annual checks to prevent these large-scale damages from occurring right under your nose. Adelaide Pest Exterminators offer free, no-obligation on-site testing to get a reading on the degree of infestation. Once we know what we’re working with, we’ll make the appropriate recommendations to suit your circumstance, location, and budget. We can implement chemical soil barriers, as well as some more eco friendly options to comply with your preferences. Throughout our 35 years in the industry, we’ve trialled and tested a range of different tools and practice methods to see what works best for our customers. This means that you can rest assured that we truly offer the best termite inspection Adelaide!

Don’t spend thousands on DIY treatments that you can’t even trust to perform.