Commercial Pest Control Adelaide

We provide custom and tailored termite pest control Adelaide solutions to the food industry and other sectors - Our expertise of maintaining the quality levels of food protection, skills and solutions are unmatched across Australia. Our pest treatment is tailored to the particular business like a food store or a bank or a hotel for example. Our treatment eliminates the pests effectively and reduces the risk of their growth in the future too.

Most common pest treatments for commercial pest control:

Commercial Pest Control Adelaide
Commercial Pest Control Adelaide

Our 3 Step Approach to Commercial Pest Control Adelaide

Step 1

A full pest analysis and inspection of the site with a recommended treatment plan

Step 2

We perform the recommended pest control treatment

Step 3

We report and do follow up activities to make sure the pest or pests are eliminated.

Pest Control For Food Retails and Restaurants

Supermarkets, Food Stores & Restaurants

Pest found in supermarketsfood stores, & restaurants can transmit disease-causing pathogens which causes health problems to staff as well as customers. A single pest found is an eyesore and can move customers to the competition. Regular fumigation, restricted materials to store products is the key to pest management in food stores. Modern customers are excited and curious to share their complete eating out experiences with their friends and families and also in the social media. Our integrated pest management system educates clients. APE pest treatments eliminate existing pests but also help in eradicating their future growth chances too. It ensures clean premises that will bring in more customers.

Food Processing Units

Food processing units increased public awareness of food quality and safety makes food brand quality in close watch. The food and beverage processing businesses are under the continuous inspection of government quality check agencies, certification bodies, and auditing firms. Since food processing units are full of food items, they are easy targets for pests. It’s a challenge to keep processing units free of pests. APE has a regular comprehensive and cohesive pest control program to keep pests in check at food processing units. Our pest control solutions take extra care where food is involved by using the right eco-friendly safe means.

Hotels, Motels, & Pubs

While traveling we expect a cozy stay which is clean, relaxed and safe. Isn’t it a worry to stumble upon pests at a hotel or lodging accommodation? The sight of pests like bed bugs, cockroaches, or ants indicates unhygienic surroundings rapidly spoiling customer interests and damaging the image of the brand. APE ensures proactive care and monitoring procedures to wade against invading pests.

Schools, Day Cares, Universities, TAFE's

A clean environment is essential in educational societies which is safe for the children, youngsters, or older people. Proper maintenance of the premises is important to keep students and staff healthy. Classrooms, libraries, laboratories, seminar halls, and toilets need to be germ-free to avoid any type of pest infection. All the important assets of the institute can be protected and served when APE comprehensive pest management is tailored according to the guidelines else students will be exposed to harmful chemicals.

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