Flea Pest Control Adelaide

Fleas are more common in homes if you have pets such as cats & dogs. Fleas do not only bite pets but humans as well. 

Fleas also bite & are carried around by mice, rats, rabbits, foxes, & livestock. Essentially any animal that has fur is susceptible to fleas.

If you believe your home or office has been infested with fleas then please give us a call asap. As they can spread quickly and carry the tapeworm parasite which can cause even more problems for you & your pets. 

flea pest control in Adelaide

How Do You Identify A Flea Problem?

An easy sign is seeing your pet scratching or biting their fur for extended periods of time & showing signs of discomfort. 

Prior to talk taking your dog, cat, rabbit mice, rat (in some cases to the vet) for a checkup you can do the following tests yourself. 

  • If you look closely at your pet's coat you can see 2mm long fleas crawling around. 
  • The best areas to identify fleas is around the head & neck, as well as the armpits. 
  • While looking for the fleas if you come across small black droppings. You can use a brush and paper or white tiles if you have them.  


Fleas & There Eggs

Fleas lay their eggs on your pets but they are easily dislodged. Ending up on the floor, in rugs, carpets, gaps in bedding, couches quilts and so on. 

By making sure you regularly vacuum and have carpet cleaners you can limit the growth and hatching of these fleas. But this is not full proof.


What is next if the fleas are still around

If you want to completely get rid of any fleas in the home call us and we can do a full sweep & exterminate all traces of the fleas. 


pest control for fleas on pets