Residential Pest Control

Do you need a safe and fast solution that is really effective in removing pests from your premises? We provide the best pest control services in Adelaide. Our pest control solutions are driven by technology and have eco-friendly insecticides to destroy pests. Our experienced team performs a detailed site inspection and select chemicals as per need. We manage all types of pests including Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, Termites, Ants, Spiders, Flies, Bees and Wasps.
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Commercial Pest Control

We keep business premises totally pest free with our detailed pest management plans for commercial pest control. We provide custom and tailored pest control solutions to food industry and other sectors - Our expertise of maintaining the quality levels of food protection, skills and solutions are unmatched across Australia. Our pest treatment is tailored to the particular business like a food store or a bank or a hotel for example. Our treatment eliminates the pests effectively and reduces the risk of their growth in future too.
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Special Pest Control Offers

At Adelaide Pest Exterminators we value our loyal & pensioner customers. We are always running specials and promotions. Currently, if you pay now you will receive 10% off an already unbeatable price in termite inspections. For pensioners, we give discounts on all services all year round! You can also view our Facebook Page to see more recent specials or promotions that we sometimes run month to month and season to season. We look forward to helping you with your pest problem.
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Don’t hesitate to call us or just leave an email here. We are always updating our FAQ's page with questions & answers for our customers. If your questions, not there please contact us for an answer.

Identify Your Pest

To see a full list of common pests found in Adelaide please view this page. Correctly identifying your pest makes controlling them & getting rid of them easier & more effective.

Common Pests Found In Adelaide
Ways To Control Your Pest

There are many options for controlling pests, and many of these options are tailored to specific pests or problems.

Pest Control Methods


Adelaide Pest Exterminators is an industry-leading in Adelaide. At A.P.E, we pride ourselves on treating our staff and customers like members of our family, and because of this philosophy, we’ve become a trusted resource for dependence, quality service in our community. Here is somethings we’ve committed to bring value to local residents. View our reviews on Facebook

Pest control


When you find pests in your home, we know that you want them gone as quick as possible, A.P.E will offer you full day service.


Our staff are fully certified and insured, we also take pride in what we do and continue to invest back into our company with technology and our staff by providing ongoing training and assessments. 


Adelaide Pest Exterminators offer timely, pro-active prevention with minimum impact on your family, home life and budget. That makes us one of the best affordable services.


Every day, more families choose us as their pest control company because of what they get. We also come up with money-back guarantee for our services.


We treat your home as if it was our own. We keep our appointment and deliver our best everytime we visit your sweet home.

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