Mice Control Adelaide

How do you conquer your mice problem?

Oh dear, so you’ve got mice! Where do you go for the best mice control Adelaide? Well, we’ve made your choice easy. Adelaide Pest Exterminators offer a holistic rodent control Adelaide service that addresses all the needs of our customers. We are:

  • Respectful and professional
  • Fully qualified
  • Punctual and prompt
  • Affordable
  • Results-driven
  • And available 24/7 to provide emergency services.

In addition to these star qualities, we use environmentally friendly treatment methods to do our bit for the planet. We’re also conscious of health and safety, and never undertake any procedures that will put your loved ones at risk of exposure. Oh, and our extermination treatments actually work! So you won’t have to filter through those pricy and ineffective supermarket products any longer. If you’re unsatisfied with the A.P.E service, we’ll even give you your money back! Call us today for the best mice control —no job is too big or too small.

Mice Control Adelaide

What do I need to know about mice?

Even if you don’t mind sharing your home with furry legged friends, mice control Adelaide is your investment. They carry with them diseases, contaminants, and leave unsanitary dropping all through your cupboards. Not only can they impact your health, but they also chew through chords, wiring, and leave structural damage in your ceilings and walls. So, as much as you might like animals, these creatures are not the kind you want invading you space. Our team will come out to your property to inspect the scale of the numbers we’re working against. We’ll also locate the likely breeding grounds and hot spots to try and conquer the problem at the source. Our treatments include strategic and effective baiting, and sealing and blocking entry points. We also take preventative measure to ensure your problematic pests don’t return! Call us for more advice on mice control today.

Adelaide Pest Exterminators other services

While mice control is one of our more common services, we also address a range of other infestations. This includes cockroaches, flies, spiders, bees, ants, and the dreaded termite inspection adelaide. Termites are definitely among the most damaging insects, as they rapidly expand their colonies 24 hours a day. Just as quickly as they build, they also destroy. A single colony is capable of eating up to a foot of a 2×4m structure in six months, so you imagine how detrimental the damage is after a couple of years. To keep on top of your termite infestation, our team organise 6-monthly visits to ensure the problem has been adequately managed. Upon first inspection, we’ll even use our world renowned Termatrac technology for in-depth analysis. For all enquiries regarding our mice control or termite extermination, get in touch with our professional team!

We’re not sales people, we’re dedicated exterminators who promise to restore the peace and comfort in your home. We’ll never try and oversell you something you don’t need, because as a family run business, we empathise with the financial constraints of everyday living! Call us on 0468 823 106 to book your mice control today.