Mice Protection & Control in Adelaide

Mice are dangerous to humans because they can spread deadly diseases, which is not good for your families safety. If they get into your kitchen they can contaminate your food & that is where you can get very sick. Mice can also cause damage to your roof & walls & chew on your wiring.

By chewing on wires they can cause fires, cut connections to your internet or even your tv cabling. If your running a business this could dramatically affect your ability to operate as we are so reliant on computers & the internet.

If you think your home or commercial property is infested with mice you need to give us a call straight away. Mice reproduce very quickly and one can become 100 in a matter of months. 



mice pest control in Adelaide

Signs of Mice & What to Look For

Having mice in the home can be easy to detect. Mice are very unsanitary, they leave droppings everywhere, and can be seen easily in the roof cavity if you go up and have a look. 

You can also see where they have chewed either on wood, wires, insulation foam etc. 

The other major give away is noises in the roof at night. If you hear them running around that is a dead give away. If you experience any of these please give us a call and we can come and inspect the property for you.


Why Choose Adelaide Pest Exterminators For Your Mice Control?


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