Residential & Commercial Pest Control Golden Grove

Commercial Pest Control Golden Grove

At 'Adelaide Pest Exterminators' we offer 24/7 pest removal services in all Adelaide suburbs.

Golden Grove is a suburb only a few minutes away from our home office. Golden Grove has a lot of commercial offices & businesses ranging from pubs to hair salons, to restaurants. 

If you run a restaurant, cafe, pub, shop, or storefront of any kind, & suspect a pest problem then please give us a call. 

We can come out and check what pest may be in your property and remove it safely, and then secure your business from further spread of the pest. 

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Residential Pest Control Golden Grove

If your home, rental property or apartment has a pest problem call Adelaide Pest Exterminators. We are local to the area, working from Greenwith, & can be at your home very quickly. 

With all pests, it is best to remove & exterminate them as soon as possible. If left to long the problem can grow & cause more damage to your home. 

If you suspect you have a problem we can easily come out & check for signs of rats, mice, spiders, termites, bed bugs, ants, fleas & cockroaches. 

If you would like to learn more about the above pests please click the images below to the pest you think you have. These pages contain information on signs that these pests leave. 

common pests in Adelaide

Most Common Pests We Check For & Control In Golden Grove

spider pest control in Adelaide

Spider checks, prevention & removal

termite inspection Adelaide

Termite checks, prevention & removal

mice pest control in Adelaide

Mice checks & removal

rat pest control in Adelaide

Rat checks & removal

cockroach pest control in Adelaide

Cockroach inspections, removal & prevention

bed bug pest control in Adelaide

Bed Bug prevention, checks & removal

ant pest control in Adelaide

Ant infestation check, removal & prevention

flea pest control in Adelaide

Flea control, checks, prevention & removal

Why choose Adelaide Pest Exterminators to remove your pests in Golden Grove

  • 24/7 residential & commercial pest control available
  • Affordable prices
  • Family owned & operated out of Greenwith 
  • Meaning our pest control checks can be done very fast for suburbs close by.
  • Respectful & professional service every time
  • Offer a wide range of pest control service

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