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Adelaide Pest Exterminators are a family owned & operated business servicing the northern suburbs of Adelaide. We are able to check for a wide variety of pests inside & outside of your home. 

Once we establish which pest is causing the problem we can eliminate the issue for you. We also try where possible to help prevent the issue from happening again. 

However, with all things, regular checks, & maintenance is required to make sure the pest problems stays away. 

If you would like to learn more about our residential pest control in Modbury please call us & read of client reviews on Facebook & Google

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Termite Pest Control In Modbury

Termites or white ants as they are also known can case a significant amount of damage if they are not checked regularly. Once a year is the best solution for these pests, as a lot can happen in a year. These pests can structurally damage your home, fences, sheds, & anything else built using timber. We can exterminate them & help prevent them. But regular checks & prevention are important to keep them away. 

Termites leave signs of their presence and its these signs that you need to look for:

  1. Hollowing sounding timber, When termites eat timber they eat it from the inside out leaving a thin part of the timber and or paint behind. Tapping on this area will sound hollow and your knock my leave a whole or dent as it is so brittle.
  2. Fingers, vacuums, knocks go through the skirting boards, this sign is the most obvious the termites have made the wall, skirting board, door, or another timber area so weak that something goes through it.
  3. Tight fitting door or a hard to open window, when termites eat their excrement or 'mud' creates a protective environment that traps heat & moisture in the wood. This causes it to swell making it hard to open & close.
  4. Cracks in walls, doors, skirting boards, and cornices. This one is hard due to houses moving as well which creates cracks in these areas as well. So looking at the signs above will help.
  5. Termite Mud Tunnels can be hard to see as it is mostly hidden in the walls, & under the house, however, these mud tunnels can be seen in your homes brick foundations.
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Rat Pest Control Modbury

At Adelaide Pest Exterminators we offer Rat Pest Control in Modbury. It is important to avoid rat numbers getting out of control as soon as they start breeding they can increase there population very quickly. Rats can cause serious diseases and are known to transmit and carry diseases.

Rats are persistent creatures if they manage to gain access to your home they can spread these diseases to your family. In addition to this rats can cause considerable damage to your home or office. They cause damage to the home in several ways:

  • Chewing through wiring in the roof & walls, which can cause fires.
  • The excrement of rats can not only smell bad but can also ruin the woodwork and paint in the home or office.
  • They can also chew through wood, plastic & joints when burrowing. Once they are done it can allow not only more rats into your property but other pests as well.