Mice & Rats Control in Adelaide

Rat Pest Control in Adelaide is crucial, as it is important to avoid numbers getting out of control. Rats can cause serious diseases and are known to transmit and carry diseases.

Rats are persistent creatures, if they manage to gain access to your home they can spread these diseases to your family. In addition to this rats can cause considerable damage to your home or office. They cause damage to the home in several ways:

  1. Chewing through wiring in the roof & walls, which can cause fires.
  2. The excrement of rats can not only smell but also ruins the woodwork and paint in the home or office.
  3. They can also chew through wood, plastic & joints when burrowing. Once their done it can allow not only more rats into your property but other pests as well.

How to identify signs of rats

  • Rat droppings, are usually in groups which can be easily seen in roof cavities.
  • Scratching noises, can be heard most easily at night, black rats are usually in the roof, with brown rats being under floor boards.
  • Footprints, rats leave foot and tail marks in duty unused spaces, shinning a flashlight at a low angle can help in spotting the trails.
  • Rub Marks, rats us routes along walls & skirting boards due to their poor eyesight.
  • Damage, rats have teeth that always grow, meaning there chewing will never stop.
  • Nests, rats build nests in warm, hidden places using shredded material such as newspaper & fabric.
  • Burrows, rats are well known diggers look for holes under decking, compost, garden sheds & garages.


rat pest control in Adelaide

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