The Importance of Quick - Rat Removal Adelaide

If you suspect you have rats, it is crucial that you get rat removal Adelaide immediately. This is because rats can cause serious health issues and diseases amongst those living in the house. Additionally, rats can also cause extreme damage to your home or office. For example, it is common for rats to chew through wiring in roofs and walls. One of the main dangers of this is that it can lead to fires. Furthermore, not only do rats smell, but they can also cause significant damage to woodwork and paint of your home or office. Rats can chew through wood, plastic and joints when burrowing. Once this achieved, they can then allow more rats into your property, as well as many other pests. If you’re seeking best pest control Adelaide, pick up the phone and act now before any significant damage is caused.

Rat Removal Adelaide

How to Identify Signs of Rats

Are you having trouble identifying whether you require rat removal Adelaide? Below is a list of indicators that may help!

  • Rat droppings: Rat droppings are usually in groups. They are small, dark in colour & thin.
  • Scratching noises: This is more common at night. However, black rats are commonly found in roofs, whilst brown rats are more common under floor boards.
  • Debris: Rats will often leave trails behind them such as shells, rubbish and even bones.
  • Footprints: It is common for rats to leave foot marks. This can be particularly noticeable in areas that collect dust and aren’t used often. Try shining a torch at a low angle to try spotting some marks!
  • Burrows: Because rats are known for digging, looking for holes in your garden, near your compost or under decking may also help identify if you need rat removal Adelaide.

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Adelaide Pest Exterminators are the experts in rat removal Adelaide. Our mission is to provide exceptional service and guaranteed results at an affordable price. In addition, through our 24-hour service, we hope to relieve the stress of dealing with pests such as rats. Our working process is broken up into three simple steps. First, you should book an initial check either online or by phone to provide us with an overview of the problem. Next, we will then identify the problem by inspecting the premise and locating where the pests reside. From here we can create a tailored solution for you and negotiate a suitable price. Lastly, we implement the solutions. This will terminate the pests, then you can carry on with your everyday house. So, if you’re in need of rat removal Adelaide, look no further than Adelaide Pest Exterminators!

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