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We at Adelaide Pest Exterminators are experts in the control of termites, fleas, spiders, cockroaches, ants, ticks, mice, rats, bed bugs and other pests around your home. We provide the best pest control Adelaide services.

Our termite pest control Adelaide solutions are driven by technology and have eco-friendly insecticides to destroy pests. Our experienced team performs a detailed site inspection and select chemicals as per need.

We manage all types of pests including Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, Termites, Ants, Spiders, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Flies, Bees, and Wasps.

We offer a site visit at your convenience and time to share the best suitable treatment and maintenance methods for your property. All our trained technicians are aware of your geographic conditions and are easily available on call.


Most common pests we see in the residential sector

Mice control Adelaide - It’s distressing to see rats or mice in kitchen cabinets or floor as most of the time traps are not effective. They can spread contagious disease with their urine and droppings which is a huge threat to children as well as adults. Rodents can ruin and damage farmlands and farming kit. They can chew electrical cables and wires to create shortcuts thereby bringing an enormous financial loss in your commercial buildings. We at APE with our trained experts can help to get rid of these rats and use preventive measures to avoid further invasion.

Our treatment includes – placing baits in strategically identified areas, creating an action plan for possible mice entry points identified. We also identify and seal gaps like cracks, holes in the house to keep rodent away.

Cockroaches are widely disliked creating panic and aversion. They not only destroy food but also contaminate whatever they eat with their excreta as they can crawl into most unlikely places and breed as household pests. APE uses both chemical treatments like Sprays, Insect growth regulators, gels, and gases. We also use non-chemical treatments like glue boxes, traps and guide in maintaining good sanitation in and around the property to eradicate cockroaches from your premises.

Ants thrive in sunny climatic conditions and live in large colonies. They would cluster near and around food cabinets and cupboards creating annoyance in residential and commercial properties.

Flies, Spiders & Other Insects can be a health threat to your pets and livestock. During the life cycle of a fly thousands of eggs are laid and from this number, you can understand how fast they multiply and pose health threats. Flies are attracted to certain food odours and can breed in kitchen, food stores, food processing units, and farmlands. Bees, weevils, other flies can pollute the farm stock, grains, products and infect your livestock.

We will identify the type of fly and insect before initial treatment and eliminate the origin of flies and will keep them at bay with our selected insecticides and preventive techniques.

Termite treatment- Termites thrive in large colonies constantly working secretly so it gets unnoticed until it becomes a menace. Termites bring extensive harm to residential properties and it has to be eliminated by experts like APE. Eliminating termites is really a task that needs skills, experience along with an understanding of their life cycle function as well as the manner in which they breed. We have an array of termite treatments that are planned to have a minimal environmental impact which has strong control results on hidden termite colonies. We do thorough filed inspection to decide which strategy to adapt like the elimination of existing termites as well as keeping pesky insects away from the future.  At APE we use chemical soil treatment, baiting existing termites and maintenance of a property.

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