Rodent Control Adelaide

Our rodent control Adelaide is a fast and affective way to clear your house of unwanted guests. Rats and mice are among the worst kind of pests to have lurking around. They carry disease, leave excrement, and chew through wood, plastic and other materials that can impact your home’s structural integrity. Your pets also become subject to risk, because rodents are known to be lured by pet food. They’re also rapid breeders, so unfortunately, it’s not the kind of issue that you can turn a blind eye to. With all that said, there’s only one way to rid your house of rodents for good—and that’s with Adelaide Pest Exterminators. We offer full inspections to identify the scale of the problem before providing a range of treatment methods. We’ll even carry out services to prevent their return. For your rodent control services Adelaide, call the experts!

Rodent Control Adelaide

How do you tell if you need rodent control in your home?

If you haven’t physically seen any rats or mice, that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need rodent control. There are few tell-tale signs that will help you investigate the problem a little further. Some of these are:

  • Droppings and urine odours: yes, it’s disgusting. But unfortunately, it’s the reality of living with rodents!
  • Gnawed holes: If rats and mice can smell food, they’ll do whatever it takes to get it. That includes chewing right through packaging, walls, floorboards and everything in between.
  • Scampering noises: the sound of tiny footprints running through your roof and walls is a dead giveaway that you’ve got guests.
  • Strange pet behaviour: Your pets are pretty smart, and they’ll let you know when something strange is going on. Random barking, alertness and stress might indicate that you need rodent control adelaide.

If you’re not noticing anything strange but simply need the peace of mind, our team are always happy to help.

Why you need help from the rodent control professionals

The reason people approach us to help with their rodent control Adelaide is because we use our analytical skills to determine the best course of action. Different pests require different types of treatment, so we identify the patterns of behaviour to figure out how to approach the issue. For example, there’s quite a big difference between rats and mice. Rats are larger, eat 4 times the amount of food, and like to build their nests up high. Ultimately, this makes them the bigger threat, but mice will produce more litter in a year. The size of mice enables them to climb well, but they tend to nest in burrows which is why you might mind them in walls and under floors. Rats and mice will also target different foods, with rats being more avid meat eaters. Our team will diagnose your problem to find an effective rodent control solution for you!

If you can’t bear the thought of living amongst rats and mice, our rodent control is your quick fix solution. We take the stress right out of the situation! You can reach the Adelaide Pest Exterminators team on 0468 823 106.