Spider Pest Control Adelaide

Out of 35,000 known species of spiders in the world Australia is home to a few thousand. Of these we are also home to some of the most dangerous. Including such spiders as, redback spider, white tailed spider, mouse spider, trapdoor spiders & funnel web spiders. 

Spiders can be a real issue for you, your home & your business for a number of reasons:

  • They can make your home unsafe - especially for children.
  • Phobias of spiders is very common which can create unrest in the home.
  • Spiders can cause a lot of harm to you if they bite you, they can cause rashes, sickness, loss of limbs & death in some cases.

How to get ride of spiders

Spiders usually enter the home in autumn in search of a warm place to spend the cold winters. 

The majority of spider infestations are considered to be annoying, particularly because of their webs. As well as walking into them at night and freaking out if it is on you. 

However, as mentioned above Australia has the most dangerous spiders in the world. So if your house or office gets infested with one of these breads its best to get them exterminated ASAP. Especially if their are children around.


Preventative Spider Control

If your like me i hate spiders. Twice a year i spray the whole outside of my house as a prevention method to keep the spiders away and exterminate any that have tried to take up residents around my home. 

spider pest control in Adelaide

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