Spider Protection & Control Adelaide

Australia is well known as the home of deadly spiders, and it’s terrifying to think that some of these species might be hiding close by. But never fear, our team offer spider pest control Adelaide to prevent the risk of critters entering your home! And we can guarantee that our methods are far more effective than supermarket products that waste your time and money. There are few different prevention methods we use to combat the problem. We firstly exterminate any existing spiders hidden around your house, before spraying the perimeters with our tried and tested products. Spiders will generally emerge in the early Autumn months in search of a warm place to reside over Winter. It’s best to invest in your protection before this period, so we can stop them in their tracks! Call us for best pest control Adelaide today!

Spider Pest Control Adelaide

Different types of spiders found in Australian homes

Spider pest control is your best chance of minimising risk. The bites can be absolutely detrimental to your health, and they often go unnoticed until the symptoms take effect. Here’s a little more information about the spiders who should look out for:

  • White-Tailed Spiders: Evident in the name, White-Tailed Spiders are distinctive by the white tip at the end of the cigar-shaped body.While their bites aren’t lethal, there are multiple reports of blistering and ulceration that have been caused by the poison.
  • Black house spiders: Black House Spiders tend to reside in window framing, brickwork, and other tight spaces around your premises. Their name stems from the funnel-like shape body which is created by their large abdomen. Despite possible infection from the bite, these spiders won’t cause any major harm. However, there have been reports of nausea, sweating and giddiness related to their bite.

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And the list goes on…

Spider pest control could just about be your best investment yet, because our list of dangerous Australian spiders only continues. Some of other common house invaders include:

  • Redback spiders:A female red back spider is immediately distinguishable by the bright red stripe on their abdomen. They’re famous for cannibalism, as the female strangely devours the male during the mating process. While there hasn’t been a recorded death from a Red Back bite in 50 years, the impact is bad enough to send those affected to hospital.
  • Funnel web spiders: Unfortunately, the Funnel Web Spider has a much worse reputation. Out of the 35 species, the Sydney Funnel Webcan effectively kill a human within 15 minutes. These spiders have a rather large body, and shiny exterior which will vary between shades of black and brown. Call us to eradicate the risk with our pest control Adelaide!

Our goal is to restore the safety and comfort within your home. Spiders can appear anywhere, at any time, so it’s wise to just eliminate the threat all together. This can be achieved by calling our team to spray the perimeters of your home. You can trust our qualified professionals to take care of you!