Termite Inspection in Adelaide

1 in 4 Australian homes will be affected by termite to some degree. With some homes being worse off than others. The research shows the average damage to range from $7,000 to $8,000 per home. That is why it is important to get your home & yard checked at least once a year.

If you notice the presence of termite around your home or yard give us a call straight away. These uninvited guests can cause extensive damage very quickly. In all likely hood, they have been eating away at your wood before you even notice them.

There are three steps in our termite control Adelaide solution:

Step 1: The Termite Inspection

Step 2: Termite Protection & Extermination

Step 3: Termite Treatment



termite inspection Adelaide

How Do You Identify Termite?


if you want to termite inspection Adelaide. It is very important to identify which type of termite is actually invading your property. Different types of termites behave differently. Leaving different signs of their presence as they search for food and eat away inside the timber of your home. 

Signs you need Termite Inspection, Adelaide

Termites are not out in the open they thrive in dark, humid and protective environments, which makes them hard to find. Hence the termite horror stores of people finding out they have them too late.

Which is also why termite inspection are important to have annually. 

They do leave signs of their presence and its these signs that you need to look for:

  1. Hollowing sounding timber, When termites eat timber they eat it from the inside out leaving a thin part of the timber and or paint behind. Tapping on this area will sound hollow and your knock my leave a whole or dent as it is so brittle. 
  2. Fingers, vacuums, knocks go through the skirting boardsthis sign is the most obvious the termites have made the wall, skirting board, door, or another timber area so weak that something goes through it.
  3. Tight fitting door or a hard to open window, when termites eat their excrement or 'mud' creates a protective environment that traps heat & moisture in the wood. This causes it to swell making it hard to open & close.
  4. Cracks in walls, doors, skirting boards, and cornices. This one is hard due to houses moving as well which creates cracks in these areas as well. So looking at the signs above will help.
  5. Termite Mud Tunnels can be hard to see as it is mostly hidden in the walls, & under the house, however, these mud tunnels can be seen in your homes brick foundations.

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