Termites continue to destroy homes all around the world, our job is to put a stop to timber eating pests and protect what you've built, bought or building. A lot of people continue to skip out on preventative treatments or barriers as it is not something you can visually see like a nice new bathroom or a pergola but the fact is that if these pretty valuables are eaten or come under attack, they're not going to look pretty or may even have to be replaced, costing double the expense. This is why we are a big believer in ''prevention over a cure'' because if you do it right the first time you wont need to take any risks resurrecting the issue later on when its too late.

We can talk numbers all day on the amount of damage termites can have on houses in adelaide but instead of trying to scare you into treatments we would rather educate you on how to can minimise your risk on attack give you a free on site assessment and no obligation quote.

Termite control in Adelaide
Termite control in Adelaide

Why is A.P.E the termite pest control Adelaide company that i can trust to treat and protect my home?

  • We offer Free no obligation on site quoting
  • multiple ways to treat and protect your home including bating system that last 5 years!
  • eco friendly options as well as chemical soil barriers
  • thermal imaging technology
  • World renowned Termatrac technology for in depth termite inspection Adelaide
  • over 35 years experience